Becoming an experienced nurse is more of a process than a right of passage.  Where do you draw the line?

The 8 memes beautifully depict that moment when you know you’re officially a seasoned pro.

1. When the newbies offer a bit of comic relief.


2. When you know that loose shorts aren’t enough, unless you stay within a 10 foot radius of a bathroom at all times.


3. When you’ve mastered “the look.”


4. When you become totally proficient at reading doctors’ writing chicken scratch .


5. When you’ve been abandoned in isolation.


6. When you are not only able to spot others’ mistakes, but know exactly how bad the implications are.


7. When dressing like a regular person no longer comes naturally to you.


8. When you have found your own ways of dealing with sass from patients.


9. When this photo of Ryan Gosling is suddenly, strangely, kinda sexy.


10. When the end of your shift brings small victories, and even though it was a long day you’re ready for tomorrow, knowing that you will, once again, make a huge difference in the lives of others.


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