From Vannessa F: “Keep it simple ! One of the great qualities of a good travel nurse is being able to adapt fast to new environments! You get dropped in… one day orientation.. then .. your mark.. get set .. GO! . Just remember some key things you will always need to know.. Crash cart..Policy procedure manuals, equipment room, and of course blanket warmer Most Hospitals have huge similarities, and if you always keep your key things in mind everything else will fall into place! Dont sweat the small stuff!”

From Tanya W: “The most valuable tip i would give to fellow travel nurses is to always be open minded…. Never expect anything but the unexpected.. working as a travel nurse you need to be open minded about how you work. Every place you go will be doing things a little different then your probably use to. this stated, i believe the biggest tip i can give fellow travel nurses is to
1. be open minded
2. expect the unexpected.
travel nursing isnt for every nurse, but for me i love it….. it has been great so far and cant wait for more unexpected adventures in the near future.

From Chris P: “Make sure you read up a bit about the area – history, weather patterns, things to do. This will give you a better idea of what to pack. If you can’t do without your morning smoothie make sure you pack the protein powder and blender or same with coffee beans or grinder. It also is a good idea to research the area for what kind of shopping is there or nearby – so you know if you can get coffee beans or protein powder. It sometimes is these little things that make your stay better or not so much! Also, I love to read so I bring books wherever I go. Make sure you bring all the cords for charging whatever you need charged.

From Sherry K: “I think the most important information is to find out from staff what resources and equipment are available to you as well as their routine. I found the most difficult thing was working with different equipment, monitors, IV pumps etc. Not that we cant develop our own routine but it helps to know the norm for working with others. Most important is to learn from them not tell them what to do remember you are the new person!!! Find out how far it is to a grocery store and how to get there if you dont have your own vehicle especially if you are arriving at odd hours, it may be necessary to have enough food to tide you over until you can get to a store..Check to make sure that you have internet access, cable, cell phone or some communication resource available. Check before you arrive if you have computer access in their organization and try to have it available when you arrive. Pack lightly you dont need a lot of extra clothes!!!! See the sites and remember to take your sense of humor with you and keep it with you at all times.

From Mark H: “Enjoy the experience!”

From Jennifer C: “My travel nursing tip would be to make sure you have a computer and a good cellphone plan so you can keep in touch with your family/ friends from home, as well as communicate with the new friends you meet as a travel nurse!”

From Heather M: “Find out the details on the community before you go so you can pack accordingly! The day before I left for Bella Bella in the summer the grocery store had burned down. A temporary store was set up in the church and was being supplied by BC Ferries with limited foods. Thankfully I knew this and was able to pack all of my favourite foods including a big jar of almond butter, and flax and chia seeds. All must haves!

From Holly P: “Besides reading up on the place where you are going and making sure your equipment is in check. I always pack something to eat whether it be a banana loaf and some tea bags or some crackers and cheese. Sometimes you don’t arrive at your destination until late at night and have to go right into assignment early the next day. Or land in a town on a Sunday where everything is closed!!!!! It’s something you really don’t think about until your hungry :)))

From Emilie: “As a travel nurse for almost three years, my favourite thing to bring with me is surprisingly my Lush bath bombs. They remind me of home and keep me grounded while going from assignment to assignment. Nothing like a glorious bath during the winter season!
I couldn’t be without my lap top, iPhone, keureg coffee maker and nutri bullet. Nothing beats having that perfect cup of coffee in the morning especially when your way up north! For new travel nurses, remember to pack for longer then your assignment as it is easy to extend and before you know it, your into another season and don’t have any clothes for it To be successful on your first day of work, go in with an open mind and let the permanent nurses know your there to help them. They welcome you with open arms when they know you are there to help them as much as possible. Bring a great camera because it is not everyday you can be so lucky to travel Canada while working. I bought a new Canon Rebel when I first started and it has been with me at every assignment. Get in touch with the local towns activity and tourist web sites so you can figure out things to do there. Take advantage of everything you can in that town because how often will you be back there?

From Jan S: “When going to remote locations I take a cooler. I saute onions, garlic, & peppers and put in freezer bags. Freeze them flat and you break off chunks as you need it. These items are expensive (if available at all) and are the base flavours in just about any culture‘s ccoking. I don‘t leave home without them.

From Kate F: “Always keep a days’ worth of necessities in your carry on, including toothbrush, scrubs, and runners. You never know when you will run through an airport to make a close connecting flight and you will make it…but your baggage won’t. If you are remote there isn’t always a store open for these things when you land and it can mean the difference between starting your contract on time or losing a day waiting for your luggage, and these necessities, to surface.

From Desiree B: “Always bring a little something from home… Stuff animal, photo, favorite nicnac”