Leave your home in Sydney, Nova Scotia.  Drive to the airport in Halifax.  Catch a flight to Toronto, then onto Winnipeg.  Spend the night and take the morning flight to Thompson, Manitoba.  Once in Thompson, take a taxi to the hospital where you pick up your ‘Welcome Package’ at reception.  This package outlines directions, policies and keys for your shared housing.  Walk over to the  house and meet a few of the other nurses working in the community. Get settled into your bedroom and figure out where everything is kept in the kitchen and the living room. Once you are unpacked, you realize how hungry you are. Go for a walk to the local grocery store and check out the community. Over coffee at the local café, a few locals say hello and let you know about the upcoming festival. After dinner, sleep comes easy! At 7am the next morning, report to your unit for a day of orientation.  Orientation outlines the layout, policies, procedures and safety plans for the hospital and the unit where you will be working.  Patient assignments, key personnel and schedules systems are also covered. Your shifts start. Enjoy your assignment!