Travel Nursing does not just allow the convenience of creating our own schedules, or isn’t just about financial gain. That is what a lot of people associate it with, and I won’t lie, I did the same. However, I am now well into my second year of travel nursing and each step of the way I have learnt more about myself. I have grown as a nurse and I have been able to see so many different wonderful parts of our country.

When I first started travel nursing I was so scared. Scared of the unknown, scared of embarking on a journey on my own, scared I wasn’t strong enough as a nurse. However, even through all that fear there was excitement intertwined too. Suddenly, one contract led to another, and my confidence as a nurse was growing. It takes some special people to start at a new hospital, have one day of being shown the way that facility operates and then having a full patient assignment the next day, being expected to keep up with the rest. It seems so intimidating but once you do it, you are so proud of yourself.

I have also grown as an individual. Travelling to small towns with minimal urban activities, if any at all, makes you learn a lot about yourself. I have made friendships through travel nursing that I know will last a life-time. And it is also suited for those who have the travel-bug and want to see different parts of the country. All the places I have been are so beautiful and picturesque. Take the time to tour the area you are at, they all have something magical to offer!

I wasn’t one to think I would ever leave my full-time job in Nova Scotia to make a career of travel nursing, but I did. It came as a surprise to even myself! So for those out there who have been contemplating embarking on this journey – DO IT! You will be surprised at all it has to offer!

See you on the road!