Select Medical Connections works with nurses from across Canada to provide inspiring, educational and interesting travel nursing assignments in health care facilities across Western Canada and the Yukon. Travel nurses return home from an assignment with lots of stories to tell, photos to share, new experiences under their belt and extra money in their wallet.

To recap on past posts about the benefits of travel nursing (see a few of the posts below), here are some great reasons to consider it. Have a read and then give us a call to get started on your next adventure! Toll free: 877-525-3870

1) Travelling – meet new people, visit new areas, explore on your days off, try new activities, update your skills – why not make a bucket list of places you would like to visit and activities you would like to try and then discuss the list with a Select recruiter to match it up with our assignments? See the country and try new things, all while earning an income and fulfilling professional goals.

2) Money – Last year, one of our travel nurses sent us a photo of a new car she bought, using just her proceeds from travel nursing. The hourly pay is amazing, the travel and accommodation are covered, and there might be per diems and other benefits too. If you are saving for something special (home, trip, car, etc), or just want to increase your annual income, give us a call to find out more about how travel nursing can add help out your bank account!

3) Experience and skills – Many assignments are in smaller communities where the nursing staff fulfill a variety of roles. Travel nurses benefit from a new work environment that exposes them to a variety of skills, procedures, equipment, etc. Working with different staff can also bring a fresh perspective on nursing. Where are you wanting to take your nursing? Do you need experience in different areas in order to advance your career. Talk to our recruiters about your areas of interest and we can explore what is available.

Here are a few past posts about travel nursing. Please contact us if you have any questions and we would be happy to discuss travel nursing and all its benefits with you.

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