Earlier in March, a premature baby was dropped by an exhausted nurse during her shift, resulting in the fracture of his skull.

The news of this tragic event spread throughout the Canadian nursing community, not only as they sympathized with the victim of the accident, but because it has highlighted two significant issues within the field of nursing: that many nurses are continuously overworked, and that many facilities are continuously understaffed.

From carrying double a normal workload to working irregular hours to working 12 shifts with no breaks, nurses are carrying  heavy burdens within demanding environments, and it’s inevitably taking its toll.

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In 2016, a Montreal Healthcare Manager told the Huffington Post that “Many nurses have exited the system” because the stress of the job has grown to be too much, especially amidst staffing cutbacks.

Although there are many new nurses entering the healthcare system each year, the fastest way to meet Canada’s nursing needs would be to increase staff retention so that new nurses entering the field serve as additional staff rather than replacement staff.  However with stress levels so high, it is unlikely that the rate of nurses exiting the field will slow down anytime soon.

How can retention be increased? Better working conditions.

“Better compensation, greater professional autonomy, stronger management and training programs, and more flexibility in location and scheduling” (Huffington Post).  Nurses whose positions meet these criteria experience greater job satisfaction, and are more able to cope with the demands of their work.

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For these reasons, Select Medical Connections strives to help fill the need for nurses within Canada.

Work in the location you want to.

Make higher-than-average wages.

Have the flexibility to take a couple weeks or months off per year, when you want to.


Learn new skills and develop as a professional.

Build relationships with your co-workers.

Be focused & able to deal with the challenges at every shift.

Enjoy your life to the fullest.

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Our team is highly aware of the fight that nurse have to put up on a daily basis to make it through a challenging shift, and we want to offer you a chance to restore balance to your life without making a financial sacrifice.

Travel nurses are not only an immediate solution for understaffed facilities to gain the nurse-power they need to run efficiently, they are also satisfied workers who have enough control over their career and their life to avoid a total burnout.

If you’re feeling burnt out in your current nursing position, we want to hear from you. 

Fill out our Apply Now form and one of our Recruiters will contact you to go through our available positions – with no commitment required.

To all the nurses out there, stay strong & always, always take care of #1. (That’s you!)

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