Being unhappy with your job can be overwhelming. It can affect your emotions and thoughts  so severely that it seems to overtake your life – and that is not good for your mental or physical health.

If you are unhappy with your work, but are overwhelmed by the idea of a complete career overhaul, don’t panic – the solution may be simpler than you think. There could be some very fixable factors as to why you’re feeling dissatisfaction with your work, and that doesn’t always indicate you need a career change, just a change in environment.

As a nurse, it can be daunting to quit a full-time position and look for one elsewhere, but in some circumstances, it might just be the thing you need to find a renewed joy in your job and your daily life.

Below are tell-tales signs that it might be time to look some new nursing career options:

You feel exhausted or burned out.

 If there is one profession that requires maximum mental and emotional balance, it’s nursing. Even if a nurse who is totally overwhelmed can to make it to their shifts, if they are not mentally present and focused on their work there can be a significant impact on their patients.

As a nurse, if getting up to work each day has become a burden for you and you are finding it hard to muster the enthusiasm and motivation required to do your job well, it is time to move on and seek a new opportunity that excites you.


You feel dissatisfied.

Most people, including nurses, want to believe they are making a positive impact in the world each day doing something that they are passionate about. If you figure out that your present role as a nurse is not what you have a passion for and you  would rather explore another specialty or work environment, find a position that will make you want to get up in the morning. If your current work situation isn’t making you feel fulfilled, you deserve to make adjustments. You’re not being picky, you’re just being true to yourself.

You feel like moving on.

Not dissatisfied, but not happy either? If you feel neutral about your work, know that you can do better. Maybe you need a challenge where you can face new responsibilities or meet new expectations, where you can learn and grow as both a professional and individual. If you feel like the days just blend into each other and you’re unexplainably “done” with your current position, then it is definitely time for a change. 

The moment you realized that your current role is not meeting your desire to learn more or gain new experiences may be the biggest turning point in starting the next chapter of your career.


You no longer feel secure in your environment.

A healthy work environment must be safe, satisfying and empowering. If you noticed that your work environment is becoming unsafe, it might be time for you to start considering a career change. You don’t have to risk your health in an environment that does not provide adequate security, or is unsupportive of your needs.

Your current role is losing demand

Change is constant, and the demand for your current job role may have changed since you started in your specialty. If you noticed that there is a threat to your present specialty as a nurse, prepare yourself with a new skill set so that when it is time to move on to another role you are well prepared for the transition.


Without a doubt, a nursing career can be fulfilling, challenging and lucrative. However, if you dread walking into work every morning, it is time to move on and look for somewhere else to care for patients. The work you do is amazing! Your skills deserve to be valued, and you deserve to make the life you’ve always dreamed of a reality.

If you are looking for a big change, new challenges or adventures, consider travel nursing. Travel nursing provides nurses with the opportunity to explore different settings without a long-term commitment. Whether you’re ready for a huge career shift or just looking to travel, find the thrill you’re looking for when you hit the road on your first nursing assignment.