If you’re an Emergency Room Nurse, you may have considered trying out travel nursing.

Now is a better time than ever to take the leap and apply as we have numerous ER Nursing positions available in Beautiful British Columbia, with wages of $50/hr +!


How can an ER Nurse benefit from travel nursing?

On top of receiving higher-than-average wages, Select Medical Connections covers the cost of travel and accommodation for its nurses. Many ER positions offer daily per diems to help out with meal expenses and other items. 

This makes travel nursing an excellent career choice for nurses who are hoping to save money and gain financial flexibility.  Just think, the opportunity to buy a new car, buy a house, or afford more vacations is finally within reach.  Whatever you’re saving up for, travel nursing can help get you there.

At the same time, travel nursing will help diversify your experience, allowing you to grow both personally and professionally with each new opportunity you take on – while allowing you to have more control over your schedule!  As job placements are only temporary, it’s easy to take a month or two off to travel, spend time with family, or pursue further education.

Lastly, you’ll get to see some of the most beautiful parts of Canada and connect with interesting new people as you travel.


A few of Select Medical Connections’ nurses working in BC this winter!

Working as an ER Nurse is highly rewarding, and never boring. It comes with unique challenges and puts you within an environment where you can learn something new each day.  No matter where an ER Nurse works, they are needed – so why not choose to work in a location you’re curious to travel?

There is currently a high demand for ER Nurses in British Columbia, which is one of Canada’s top travel destinations. For a full list of dream destinations & top things to do in BC, check out our last blog post.

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For more information on which ER Nursing opportunities we currently have available in British Columbia & elsewhere, please call our Recruitment Team at 1-877-525-3870.