WestJet and Air Canada are now or will soon be charging for carry on luggage. But if that luggage doesn’t meet the size restrictions, that likely means extra charges as your bags get relegated to the baggage compartment.

1) Check the airline’s website for the allowable weight and size of carry on luggage. If you are using more than one airline for your trip, make sure your luggage meets all requirements.

Air Canada requirements
WestJet requirements
Porter requirements

2) Make sure you measure and weigh your carry on luggage once it is full. When measuring, include the wheels and handle.

In the article, a traveller was shocked when her bag didn’t fit into the metal measuring cart, as the tag on the bag when she bought it said it was for carry on. But the measurements were for British Airways, not Canadian carriers. Bring your tape measure and guidelines with you when shopping for luggage!

Read the CBC News article here.