You all know ‘that’ nurse. The one with seemingly endless energy. The one that meets challenges head-on and with optimism. The one who manages to maintain a balance between a blooming career and her life outside of work.

What’s her secret?

In nursing, your career can go many directions. Some nurses fine their job extremely fulfilling and rewarding, and feel pride and joy in each day. Others struggle with the lifestyle, constantly feeling burnt out, stressed and pushed to their limits. What’s the difference between the two?


One of the biggest factors in career satisfaction is owning your life. When you own your life, you have a sense of control over where you are in your nursing career and where you’re headed. It’s not about controlling every little thing you possibly can, but rather about having enough autonomy to keep yourself on a path that you want to be on. You are in a place where you direct your career, and your job doesn’t control you by completely taking you from other aspects of life that are essential for your happiness.

Flexibility. It is one of the most sought-after factors that applicants in the healthcare industry look for when applying to jobs, yet it’s one of the most scarce things to actually secure.

Imagine having the ability to take time off during the holidays, spend a month travelling abroad every year, or stay home with the kids during summer, all while building a nursing career that continues to progress and provide you with professional development. Having that flexibility is the secret of the happy nurse.


Many nurses forget that they are in a landscape where healthcare facilities need them, meaning that there are often more opportunities available than they realize. When you work for Select Medical Connections, you will have a whole team of Recruitment Specialists on your side to find the ideal contract for you so that you can enjoy the kind of flexibility that will allow you to become the happy nurse yourself.

From quality accommodations to higher-than-average wages, our team ensures that your work placements are competitive and help you live a comfortable life. We have helped nurses relocate their pets, spouses, or dependents for assignments. Perhaps most importantly, we have found opportunities for nurses that foster enormous professional growth, along with a much-needed change in setting. On top of that, all of our nurses have control over when they work, and can take weeks or even months off between assignments to better tend to other passions that they can’t fully prioritize while working full-time, such as travelling.

Are you ready to become a ‘happy’ nurse?

Select Medical Connections is always happy to hear from nurses and have conversations about their career goals and where they would most like to go on assignment. If you’re interested in hearing about our placements, get in touch with us today.