Despite the wide variety of RN jobs in Canada, working as a travel nurse offers a unique set of benefits: exploring new places, gaining life experience, building your career, and excellent pay.

While most nurses know that Select Medical Connections offers better-than-average wages, many don’t realize the full scope of financial benefits that travel nursing can offer.


1. Cost Saving

When you work as a travel nurse for Select Medical Connections, you receive free accommodation when out on assignment – there’s no need to pay rent!  By eliminating this significant cost from our nurses’ lives, we have heard countless stories about how travel nursing has allowed them to save money to buy their first home, pay off student loans, pay for their wedding, afford a new car, or take a luxury vacation.  What would you do with all that extra rent money?!

2. Higher Wages

It’s true!  When you work as a travel nurse for Select Medical Connections you’ll receive higher wages compared to most permanent nurses working an RN job in Canada.  With reduced expenses and better pay, travel nursing can help you line your pockets and building a financial nest egg.


3. Paid-For Travel

If you are a nurse with the desire to see Canada and plans to travel the country, you can eliminate your travel costs by working as a nurse for Select Medical Connections.  Whenever you’re sent on assignment your travel is paid for, and we have placements all over our beautiful nation.  Achieve your dreams – minus the flight expenses!

4. Carpe Per Diem

Seize the per diem!  Select Medical Connections also provides per diems to our travel nurses, meaning that your costs will be even further reduced while out on assignment as you’ll have a daily budget to cover your meals.


5. Referral Bonuses

You’ll love nursing with Select Medical Connections so much that we know you’ll want to bring your friends and co-workers onboard, which is why we offer referral bonuses!  Is there nurse you loved working with during your last full-time position?  Well, imagine if she joined you on your next travel assignment and you made a few hundred dollars from it.  It’s a win-win situation.

Interested in receiving more information about travel nursing?  Contact one of our recruiters by calling us at 1-877-525-3870 or emailing us today!