We’re not going to lie – a new town, new work facility and new co-workers is a big change.  But this change may be one of the most exciting adventures you’ve ever been on!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and facing new challenges head-on can is one of the best ways to grow, both personally and professionally.  Sometimes it’s the experiences that initially scare us that end up rewarding us the most in the long-term.

Select Medical Connections has proudly connected thousands of Canadian Healthcare Professionals with satisfying nursing jobs since 1999, and have seen those nurses move forward in their career, build new friendships and relationships, and explore our beautiful country.

To make the initial adjustment to travel nursing easier, 5 experienced nurses weighed in with their best piece of advice for nurses who are heading out on their first assignment.



1. “Plan to be uncomfortable. You’re in a new place. Have fun with it. Check out the town. Make friends. Invite people out. Participate in community events. It will make your time fly by and you will meet some amazing people along the way.”

– Christine Kennedy 



2. “Don’t ever get discouraged. If you make a mistake – learn. Always be ready to learn and find ways to make yourself a more caring, efficient nurse.”

– Brooke Pressey



3. “Remember that the patient & client are your first priority – thats why you are a nurse.”

– Sherry Kenwell



4. “Always start with bringing food for everyone, everyone is pleasant and happy to eat and chat.”

– Janice Kuleba 



5. “Be the change you want to see.”

– Danica Milord


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