Nurses, they’re total champs. A day in the life of a nurse can be more drama-packed than an entire year in another profession, but they handle it while keeping their cool. Out of all of their day-to-day happenings, these are a few things that all nurses have in common.


1. They have at least one crazy story (if not hundreds).

From streaking to projectile vomiting to maggot infested necrotizing fasciitis to patients ripping out their Foley catheters with the tip still inflated, nurses have seen it allllllll.


2. They have kept a smile on their face while knowing that they’re being lied to.

The patient is up and about, smiling and chatting with visitors, but when you ask them to rate their pain they say 9/10 and ask for Dilaudid.


3. They’ve received off-duty requests for medical advice.

To your friends and family you’re a physician, and they are more than happy to tell you all the gory details about their health and ask for recommendations.


4. They have an I.V. League education.

Tranfuse three units of blood in a patient with no IV access? Done and done!


5. They can mask their emotions as well as their gag reflex.

Rage = successfully suppressed. Laughter = behind closed doors only.


6. Threats don’t work on them.

You’re threatening to sign an AMA and leave after verbally abusing your entire care team for the past hour? Be our guest.


7. ‘Down time’ is so rare at work that it’s almost a shock to their system when it happens.

You mean there isn’t something that immediately needs my attention right now? What am I forgetting here…


8. They have connected deeply an genuinely with people in times of great need.

We may have just met and you probably don’t remember my name, but I’ll be the one to hold your hand and talk you through some of the scariest moments of your life.


9. They have handled patients on contact precautions and have been convinced at one point or another that they’ve caught MRSA, VRE, or SARS.

We’re all guilty of this sometimes, especially when there’s a health scare trending on the news.


10. They’ve seen so many crazy things that situations a patient finds embarrassing are just another regular case for them.

You have WHAT stuck up your rectum? Oh, we had two of those last week.


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