Career Consultant Becky Ferguson

About Becky

Becky has been with us since November 2020, and it sure didn’t take long for her to become part of the family. Before joining us, Becky worked for the Vancouver Canucks as a Catering Manager for 4 years .

Paying close attention to detail by catering to hundreds of people in a day, we knew Becky would be a great fit. Becky enjoys the diversity that Select offers and the thrill of matching an eager nurse with hospitals in need Becky is an adventurous soul in every sense of the word. She has travelled to 18 countries across the world including Vietnam, Portugal, and Japan. As if travelling the world wasn’t exciting enough, Becky rides her bike into work every day, rain or shine! When she’s not riding to work, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and going on fun adventures with friends and family. And just in case you need another reason to love Becky, she has a rescue dog named Tater-Tot Potato Head Dinsmore-Ferguson !!



With lots of experience under her belt, Becky has been an incredible asset to Select with her fiery personality and strong work ethic. One of the best lessons she’s learned from her career so far is to “ask questions and listen to the answers.” So, if you happen to match with Becky, rest assured she cares!

And don’t hesitate to share your own travel stories with Becky! As a traveler herself, she loves hearing all about your adventures!

Becky Ferguson - smc career consultant

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