ER nurse in surgery

Canadian nurses spoke and the National Emergency Association of Canada (NENA) listened. NENA has delivered a standardized emergency nursing course for nurses throughout Canada, offered in both official languages and based on the NENA Core Competency document.

The course—Emergency, Practice, Interventions, and Care – Canada (EPICC)—launched in 2016. It provides a curriculum that is fully based on Canadian Emergency Nursing standards, covering the core concepts of being an emergency nurse within a uniquely Canadian context. To develop the course, NENA engaged a team of emergency nurses from across the country to help ensure that both its theoretical and practical components meet the needs of Canadian Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and other non-physician Health Care Providers in the Emergency Department.


The importance of EPICC to ER nurses

In the past, ER Nurses have had to obtain certifications such as Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) or International Trauma Life Support (ITLS), but as EPICC has spread throughout the country over the past few years, it has shown potential to be the new standard certification for Canadian emergency nurses. While the course has not completely replaced TNCC or ITLS yet, many healthcare organizations prefer it, seeing it as a more relevant alternative to US-based courses. 


EPICC courses

There are currently four EPICC courses available: EPICC-Foundations, EPICC-Trauma, EPICC-Facilitator, and EPICC-Pediatrics.

  • EPICC-Foundations teaches a standardized approach to emergency department patients.
  • EPICC-Trauma focuses on trauma patients.
  • EPICC-Pediatrics, which launches in November 2018, will cover the unique needs of child patients.
  • The EPICC-Facilitator course provides an opportunity to become an EPICC Instructor, and seeks participants who are willing to teach using highly student-focused methods.


ER nurses with TNCC or ITLS certification

Keep an eye out for EPICC certification—it is expected to become the new national standard for ER nursing certification. And with a curriculum that is developed both by and for Canadian ER nurses, we see that as a fantastic change.

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