The holiday season is often hectic – especially for nurses. Balancing a busy work environment with additional social and family commitments can be an invigorating break from the norm, but it can also become overwhelming.

Avoid getting run down this season with our Top 5 Tips for Wellness during the holidays.


1. Take Care Of Your Body 

’Tis the season of eggnog, eggnog & more eggnog! While there are many delicious goodies around during the holidays, it’s important to make sure that your core diet still consists of healthy foods rather than fatty, sugary treats. Maintain your physical exercise regime and add a few extra minutes of cardio each day to help burn off any additional calories you’re taking in.


2. Say No

Get-togethers, concerts & plays, family dinners, friends from out of town – the holidays are here and your calendar is suddenly full of social commitments! And (dare we say) there are some you’re looking forward to waaaay more than others.

Just because you receive an invite to a festive event doesn’t mean that you have to go, especially if you don’t want to. If you feel like you’re running yourself ragged and need to cut back on time spent out & about but also look forward to all your social events, it may be helpful to miss a couple to give yourself more downtime. If it’s hard to choose which one to let go, some find it easier to skip annual events that they can attend any year and opt to prioritize new experiences.

The key to success with this one is, regardless of which events you choose to attend or miss, is to allow yourself to do so without guilt. You’re busy! It’s ok to say no.


3. Tackle Transportation

Unfortunately there is often a spike in drinking and driving during the holiday season. Make sure you’re as safe as possible by pre-arranging rides to and from events where alcohol will be available and you’re open to drinking. One drink may lead to two, and with winter road conditions it is absolutely not work taking any chances.

Take a few moments to look up safe transportation options in your town or city, such as taxi companies, ride share apps, designated driver services or Operation Red Nose.


4. Revel In Me-Time

Whether it’s baking cookies, taking a hot bath, meditating, reading a book, watching festive movies or taking a much-needed nap, make sure you’re still getting some “me-time” each week. Even just a few minutes of time to yourself each day can help you clear your head and recenter so that you’re more able to enjoy the holidays rather than let them run you down.


5. Keep It Simple

From shopping & gifts to donations to cooking & baking… there’s a lot of giving going on this time of year! Giving to others and spreading cheer is always fantastic, but you can still bring smiles to others’ faces without creating chaos in your own life.

Choose one charities or organizations to give to or volunteer at rather than several, or even delegate January to be your own ‘month of giving’ where you sit down and make your donations, keeping December for family and friends.

Cooking smaller feasts or asking other attendees to bring a dish can help take relieve some of the burden of hosting and when it comes to shopping, the internet may be your best friend if you’re short on time!

Have other pieces of advice for health & wellness during the holidays? Share them in the comments below!