Heading out on a Travel Nursing adventure may mean a bit of time away from your family, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to miss out on celebrating holidays with them!

There’s a wide variety of ways to stay connected with the ones you love, even if thousands of KMs are separating you. Choose one of these great gift ideas, pair it with a FaceTime session, and Mom will feel totally loved this Mother’s Day whether or not you’re in the same city as her.

For all our Travel Nurses who will be away from their Moms this Mother’s Day, here are our 5 favourite long-distance gifts for Mom.

1. Greeting Cards That Grow

Mothers Day pot and cup Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.27.50 AM

For only $10 you can mail your Mom a Gift-a-Green greeting card pouch that either contains loose-leaf tea, or seeds & soil for an edible microgreen plant!

Share a cup of tea with Mom, or let her enjoy growing a plant that she can add to a healthy dish. Adorable!

2. DIY Kisses


If you’re looking for a gift that your Mom can enjoy for weeks to come, fill a jar with HERSHEY’S Kisses & label it “Kisses for when I’m not around.”

Whenever she has a craving for sweets she’ll also have a sweet reminder of you! A truly Pinterest-worthy idea.

3. R&R


If your Mom would appreciate a little rest & relaxation, there are more creative ways you can help her to relax than a spa gift card (although spa gift cards are always fantastic!)

Get creative & book Mom in for a float tank session, drumming circle class, or one-on-one yoga class. It may not be something she’d never try herself, but it also may end up being her new favourite way to unwind!

4. For Moms Who Like To Rock Out


Portmanteau Stereo Co. is a super cool Canadian brand that creates custom portable stereos from reclaimed wood.

If Mom loves music & has an earthy taste for interior design, the Portmanteau Rockit Logs are a solid choice. There are also vintage suitcase stereos, wall-mounted stereos, and even coffee table stereos if you’re looking for something bigger.

5. Her Favourite Things

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.17.47 AM

Whether it’s a book, cozy blanket, or new purse, Amazon.ca has it all.

Instead of shipping the item to yourself, put Mom’s address as the Shipping Address. Easy peasy!

6. The Experience of a Lifetime


If your Mom is into new experiences, why not buy her tickets to a comedy show, concert, cinema,  circus, musical, or play?

Even though she’ll probably wish she could take you with her, she’ll get to enjoy a night out on the town that she may not treat herself to otherwise!

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