The mental health of nurses is often overlooked — you’re someone who’s built a career taking care of others, so sometimes, people forget you need to be taken care of too.

Research has shown that nurses face a higher suicide risk than the general population. Stress, burnout, untreated depression and the emotional toll of nursing are a few factors that may contribute to this stat, along with “second victim” syndrome, which happens when medical professionals have to live with the weight of making a medical mistake. However, better screening and resources for nurses facing distress can help you take back your mental health and wellness.

Here are a few resources you can use if you haven’t been feeling your best.

Mobile Apps:

  • Sanvello
    Offers clinically validated techniques and support to help you relieve symptoms and feel happier over time.
  • MoodKit
    A scientifically-supported mood improvement app, developed by clinical psychologists.
  • WhatsUp? 
    WhatsUp? provides daily tools that promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

Peer Support:

Mental Health Centres:

Online Resources:

  • WebMD’s Depression TV
    A series of short videos that cover a wide variety of questions and topics related to mental health.

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