The time of year has come to reflect on how we can become better versions of ourselves. If you’re a nurse in need of some inspiration, these 21 New Year’s resolutions may help you make positive changes in 2018.

1. I will cut back on caffeine and prioritize sleep instead, making sure I catch enough zzz’s to feel rested on a regular basis.

2. I will take a stand against workplace violence by taking steps to educate myself on how to deescalate violence.

3. I will give back to the community, volunteering my skills and knowledge as a nurse to benefit others who need it most.

4. I will schedule a weekly session of “me-time” where I get to indulge myself, whether it’s a romantic comedy, pedicure, hike, or anything else I feel driven to do.

5. I will advance my career, whether it’s taking a new course or trying out a new position such as travel nursing.


6. I will take a bathroom break at least every six hours.

7. I will learn something new each day and look for opportunities to enhance my skills at work.

8. I will communicate with co-workers and managers if I need assistance, have run into a problem, or are unclear of expectations.

9. I will gain insight into my peers’ roles and expand my understanding of how my workplace functions effectively.

10. I will find an interesting way to stay up-to-date on the healthcare industry, whether it’s subscribing to a relevant podcast, magazine, or email newsletter.

11. I will take time to reflect on the emotional needs of my patients and how I can make them feel more comfortable when in my care.

12. I will sit down monthly and write out my career goals for the next month, six months, year and five years, and review my progress each time.


13. I will leave a work environment that is no longer serving me well.

14. I will travel more

15. I will learn better self-compassion, including mindfulness, common humanity and self-kindness.

16. I will help my co-workers when I can, if they are in need.

17. I will not let workplace bullies get the better of me and will face them head-on.

18. I will take part in movements that support nurses and their safety as well as the development of safe healthcare environments for patients and staff alike.

19. I will not be afraid to admit it if I am overextending myself and will take action to re-gain control over my life in areas it’s spun out of control.

20. I will think of new ways to go above and beyond in my role.

21. I will commit to simple health improvements, like drinking more water or flossing daily, because I love my body and I deserve it.

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