We often receive thanks from the nurse managers who work with our travel nurses and see the impact they have. This Thanksgiving, we sat down with Barb, a nurse manager who is based in Northern BC, to chat about her first-hand experience working with travel nurses.

Select Medical Connections: How have travel nurses impacted your facility?

Barb: Travel nurses have been a great asset to our facility for the most part and we’ve had consistently great relationships with them. They seem to enjoy it here. We’ve had a few that came from larger centres who thought we should be doing things the same way they do in larger centres but it really is a very different line of work when you don’t have all the bells and whistles within your facility.

SMC: Is it easy for travel nurses to begin at your facility? How is the transition?

Barb: From the feedback I receive constantly from the nurses, they slide in easily and quickly feel at home. They are embraced by both the staff and the community.

SMC: What is special about your facility that you can share with other nurses?

Barb: The closeness of the working relationships between all employees, support staff and physicians is quickly noted by all. The beauty of our surroundings is also a big draw as there are lots of trails and outdoor adventures available. The Dinosaur Discovery Museum and the local Geo-park all add to the diversity of our setting. The Recreation Center is very popular with lots of amenities such as a great gym, skating arena, curling arena, beautiful pool, hot tub, sauna and tots pool as well as racket ball and squash courts. You can walk to anything in town in just a few minutes.

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