As a Canadian travel nursing agency, one of the values that we firmly stand behind is that all patients deserve quality health care, no matter where they live. However, it is often challenging for remote communities to recruit the doctors and nurses that they need to effectively serve their population, leaving them direly understaffed.

As a result, some remote communities — often First Nations or Inuit — have no resident physician or nurse practitioner and are many kilometres from the nearest hospital. In British Columbia, one solution to this challenge is remote nursing practice, which is where nurses work autonomously within a prescribed scope of practice while periodically consulting with physicians or nurse practitioners. Remote certified nurses provide primary care including treatment of acute illness or injury, health promotion and illness prevention.

Remote nursing scope of care

Some of the areas that a remote nursing practice encompasses include:

  • Eye: conjunctivitis, corneal abrasion
  • Ear-Nose-Throat: acute otitis media, ceruminosis, dental abscess, pharyngitis
  • Genitourinary: lower urinary tract infection
  • Respiratory: acute bronchitis
  • Skin: bites, cellulitis, impetigo, localized abscess and furuncle
  • Pain Management: use of nitrous oxide/oxygen to manage pain
  • Sexual Health: sexually transmitted infections and contraceptive management

Travel nurses in a remote Canadian community

For RNs that are interested in travel nursing and practicing a higher level of medicine, remote nursing can be the perfect fit. It is an extremely rewarding career path, knowing you have such a significant impact on the health of your whole community. Often, these nurses are the pillar of health care within the region.

Earn your remote nursing certification

Remote certification varies regionally, depending on the location in which you choose to work. Here are a few resources you can look into if you are interested in becoming certified.

British Columbia

University of Northern BC – Remote Nursing Certified Practice

This course is designed for registered nurses working, or planning to work, in remote communities throughout British Columbia.

British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals – Remote Nursing

Remote Nursing Practice includes Sexually Transmitted Infections and Contraceptive Management. RNs who are BCCNP-certified in remote nursing practice use the DSTs listed below to diagnose and treat a range of diseases and disorders.


Mohawk College – Rural and Remote Nursing 

Learn the intricacies of health care for Indigenous people in Canada, the complexities of servicing rural and remote areas, evaluating the influence of geography and social determinants on health behaviours and health status, prevention of chronic disease, professional conduct and much more!

Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario

Offers various courses on best practices.

Northwest Territories

Aurora College – Post Graduate Certificate in Remote Nursing

The foundation of the program is the development of expertise in advanced health assessment skills and differential diagnosis. Courses in advanced pharmacology and therapeutics build on this expertise to address health care concerns of patient across the lifespan.

Manitoba, Saskatchewan and across Eastern Canada

Canadian Association of Rural & Remote Nursing

Nursing programs include courses on Rural and Community nursing within the core curriculum.

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