Every season offers a unique travel nursing experience, but summertime is arguably the most ideal for travel and adventure. No mitts or winter jackets required!

You may be thinking “But summer is the best time of the year in my hometown! I can’t miss it!” Trust us, summer is generally the ‘best’ time of the year anywhere you go in Canada. This is especially true for the upcoming months when communities will be looking to put lockdowns and event cancellations in the past. This year, summer comes back with music festivals, fireworks displays, busy markets, and patio dates, in addition to endless outdoor adventure!

Read on for our top five reasons to travel nurse this summer:

Endless Outdoor Adventure

Summer weather is perfect for getting out and exploring our country’s natural beauty. Spectacular hiking trails and camp sites surround every contract location in Canada. That means that you can look forward to exciting outdoor adventure with every new job posting. The warm temperatures and longer days invite travel nurses to break out of their winter routine and be active outside. You can use your personal time to master your favourite summer activities – or try something new! From kayaking and paddle boarding to zip-lining and skydiving…summer is the perfect time to get active outside. Planning fun group outings is also a great way to connect with your new colleagues and neighbours. 

*Pro tip: Rather than bring a tent with you on contract, you can often find one for cheap on Craigslist or enlist in a service such as Rent-A-Tent or Airbnb to rent a tent for a short period of time.

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Festivals & Fireworks Across Canada

A dancer's feet in motion below a bright colourful skirt

Cultural Festivals

Many cities and towns across Canada host a variety of festivals that celebrate cultures from across the world. And you’re in luck, because they’re almost always held during the summer!

Vancouver is home to the Caribbean Days Festival, Calgary celebrates Globalfest, Regina is known for Mosaic: A Festival of Cultures, and Winnipeg offers a unique Icelandic experience at their Islendingadagurinn festival.

Whether you’re indulging in a Caribbean beef patty, watching Ukrainian dancers, shopping for Indian saris, or watching an epic Viking battle, cultural festivals have something for everyone.

Music Festivals

Whatever your taste in music is, there’s a festival for it. Folk festivals, jazz festivals, EDM festivals, country festivals – all are popular nationwide. Sometimes you may need to organize a road trip to get to your favourite one, but that adds to the adventure!

To search what’s happening near your top travel nurse destination this summer, check out The Music Festival Wizard website. 

An outdoor concert scene
A bright fireworks display


Fireworks displays are visually stunning, but when they are coupled with musical soundtracks they become absolutely magical.

Numerous Canadian cities host incredible fireworks displays during the summer, including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Halifax, and Victoria, with most cities and towns hosting displays on Canada day.

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Local markets pop up everywhere in Canadian summers! Year-round establishments become more bountiful and quiet communities are eager to put their local delicacies on display. Summer is a wonderful time to lean into new salad and smoothie recipes because everything is local and fresh.

Wherever you will be travel nursing in Canada in this summer, you can look forward to enjoying delicious food and prioritizing healthy eating.

Colourful fruit and vegetables up close at a market



Canadian Summers are Social 

Enjoy sunny social fun! No matter where you are in Canada, you’re going to get some sun this summer. Enjoy it! The beautiful break from cold winters invigorates many of us to leave the comfort of home and make plans outdoors, including non-active ones.

#summervibes are perfect to read a book outside, grab a friend and go for a picnic, or sip a cocktail on a patio. All the little things you normally do in summer back home will become even more interesting when you get to try them in a new location with a new friend.

Year-Round Travel Nursing Benefits Still Apply

There are tons of personal and professional benefits to travel nursing, regardless of the season. When nurses choose to step outside of their comfort zone with contract nursing, they commit to life-changing adventures and take their career into their own hands. Here are our top five year-round reasons that you should consider travel nursing:

  • Earn higher-than-average wages
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Develop professional skills
  • Build new relationships
  • Travel Canada

To learn more about the financial benefits of travel nursing, read our blog post: The Financial Benefits of Travel Nursing.

While there may be things you look forward to in your hometown every summer, you have already experienced them, so why not try something new this year?

If a summertime adventure sounds good to you, get in touch with our Recruitment Team to learn what positions are currently available.

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