Which Canadian province is home to the oldest city in North America, uses so much slang it has its own dictionary, and operates on its own 30 minute time zone?

If you don’t know that the answer to all of these claims is Newfoundland and Labrador — read on!

In 1949, Newfoundland became the tenth province to join Canada, and today it is one of the country’s most cherished places to explore and adventure, with countless things to discover each time you return. In a simple road trip you can take in a wide range of sights, including lighthouses, hiking trails, parks, museums, and natural wonders. Whether you prefer to adventure by bike, boat, or backpack, there are countless breathtaking experiences that await you here.

Each year we have the privilege of sending numerous Travel Nurses on contract in Newfoundland and the stories they share with us provide excellent insight into the best parts of this gorgeous province. We are excited to share a few of those top highlights with you!

Places To Go

One of the most renown places to visit in Newfoundland and Labrador is Gros Morne National Park – and rightly so! A UNESCO World Heritage Site that covers over 1,800 square kilometres, the park is a collection of fjords, summits, forest, waterfalls and trails. If Gros Morne National Park isn’t on your bucket list yet, give it a Google – it won’t be long before it makes its way to the top of the list!

Another site full of natural wonders is Terra Nova National Park, which offers stunning coastlines and lush forests where you can kayak, hike, golf, camp, and even catch live performances during the summer.

St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, is undoubtedly one of the province’s top travel highlights. This colourful city boasts a vibrant culture and rich history, with a rainbow of character homes scattered amidst the iconic Cabot Tower, the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, and Quidi Vidi, a small village located in the heart of the city. Award-winning cuisine, live music, and street entertainment offer an exciting nightlife experience, with shops and galleries to dart in and out of as you venture the streets.

There is no shortage of coastal destinations in Newfoundland and Labrador, but there are several that catch our attention every time we hear our nurses’ travel stories. Fogo Island & Change Islands offer a unique cultural heritage experience as well as a modern eclectic vibe, and they currently serves as a haven for contemporary artists. Bonavista, the site where John Cabot discovered North America in 1497, is one of the province’s top historic sites, with a mixture of old and new homes providing a beautiful backdrop as you learn about the country’s history. To take in icebergs and go whale watching, Twillingate is an absolute must-see. No matter where you are within Newfoundland and Labrador, you aren’t far from breathtaking views.

Things To Do

There are so many things to do in Newfoundland and Labrador, we can only fit a few of the best in this post! Perhaps one of the most unique experiences to partake in while travelling the province is iceberg viewing, and you can relish in these 10,000-year-old glacial beauties in more than one way – while taking in the sights, sip on Berg water. Either straight or mixed with spirits will provide ice cold refreshment!

Have you ever seen a puffin? If not, you may want to add birdwatching to your travel to-do list. Dubbed the seabird capital of North America, Newfoundland is the perfect place to see rare and endangered bird species, such as the piping plover and the harlequin duck.

Another unique experience you can enjoy while in Newfoundland is a geology and fossil tour, where you’ll see rock layers, mines, cliffs, fossils of ancient creatures, and more. The Johnson GEO CENTRE is a great place to begin before moving on to the Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Of course there are many other activities to enjoy in Newfoundland, including whale watching, hiking, kayaking, rafting and diving. With more museums and historic sites than we can mention and several lively festivals and events, a travel nursing contract in this gorgeous province will quickly be the source of some of your best memories yet.

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