Looking for a pay increase?

Want more time off (vacation/family/education)?

Want to explore Canada, with your travel expenses and housing paid?

Eager to enhance your skillset?

Then travel nursing may be the perfect adventure for you!

Currently there is an on-going need for ER RNs across Canada, including popular destinations in beautiful British Columbia. If you’re considering travel nursing, here are our four top reasons why you should spend THIS summer on the West Coast!


Brittany visited Alaska while on contract in BC!


Travel Nursing = travel! The idea is appealing, but what exactly does the ‘travel’ part of travel nursing entail? The possibilities are limitless.

Many of our RNs send us updates of the fun they’ve had day-to-day while on the road, including gorgeous hikes, kayaking, fishing, surfing, golfing, camping, festivals and beach days, but many choose to use their contract location for other travel adventures. Nurses placed in British Columbia often visit other locations within the province, such as Haida Gwaii, Tofino, or Vancouver Island, or use their days off to visit Alaska or Washington. If you want a summer full of exciting days sprinkled with small get-aways, this is a fantastic way to do it!


Tanya saved so much on living expenses while travel nurses she was able to buy her dream car!


It’s no secret that travel nurses earn higher-than-average wages. In fact, all Travel Nurses working for Select Medical Connections earn a minimum of $45/hour – with house and travel costs covered!

If you’re looking to save up, whether for a big-ticket purchase, extended vacation, or to further your education, travel nursing can help you reach that goal faster.

New Skills

When you work for Select Medical Connections as a Travel Nurse, you gain full access to our team of expert Career Consultants. These professionals can help guide you to enhance your skill set to achieve the career progression you’re after. They know the certifications and prior experience that client facilities are looking for, and can provide the tools for you to add new qualifications to your resume.


Stacy took time off between contracts to travel Vietnam!

Job Flexibility

Working a travel nursing job this summer can provide greater job flexibility in so many ways. Once your summer travel contract is finished you can take advantage of off-season fall travel deals, spend more time with family during winter holidays, or simply take a few months off before heading out on your next adventure!

When you work as a Travel Nurse, you can choose to take time off at any point during the year. Have greater control over your time off and better work-life balance.

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