Want to see what life is like when you’re a Travel Nurse? Check out some of our favourite photos from recent years!

1. Winter sports are a huge hit for travel nurses – and we can see why! Look at that incredible powder! (British Columbia)

2. Some nurses choose to drive to their assignment, and the journey can be breathtaking. (Newfoundland)

3. Is there anything better than enjoying a drink & a pup on your day off? We think not! (British Columbia)

4. Amazing architecture that makes you want to make a cup of tea, put on cozy socks and read a book inside of one of these cozy homes. (Nova Scotia)

5. Some moments are made to take your breath away. This was one of them for Jessica! (British Columbia)

6. Mckenna connected with nature in the Great White North & found some fresh snow to leave the first footprints on. (Yukon)

7. Making friends is easy on assignment, and so is finding socially-distant activities to do during your days off! (British Columbia)

8. Lucas found a view that’s made to remember while enjoying the changing seasons. (British Columbia) 

8. Getting acquainted with the locals was easy for Jamie-Lee, even though they were ready for a nap and you were ready to explore. (Yukon)

9. Soaking up the sun & the sea was a slice of heaven for Lisa. (British Columbia) 

10. Witnessing the unchecked power of nature in Haida Gwaii. (British Columbia) 

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