Travel nursing is a great job idea of retired nurses looking for short term work. We sat down with Sandra B., a retired nurse who is currently one of our travel nurses, to ask her questions about life on the road. Here’s what she had to say:

Can you tell us what made you want to get into travel nursing?

I’ve always wanted to travel nurse. Now that I’m retired, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so as it offers so much flexibility.

What attracted you to the opportunity you chose with your recruiter?

Retired nurse Sandra enjoys life on the road

Travel Nurse Sandra enjoys life on the road.

The contract I chose was close to home, which was important to me as my mom is sick. It allowed me to travel home easily during my time off and see my family often. However, in the future, I am excited to take on contracts that are further away so that I can explore new parts of the county.

How was the adjustment to your first travel nurse contract?

The biggest change was adjusting to new housing — the location and contract have both been excellent.

What kinds of things have you done in your new town while on contract?

There’s so much to do! Checking out a local craft show, seeing a live concert, going to the movies, visiting Regina. One of my favourite things to do on contract was to go for a walk with my neighbours and grab some dinner.

What has been the biggest surprise about travel nursing?

I think the biggest surprise was just how easily I settled into things. I had worked at the same facility my entire career and was expecting the transition to be a little more challenging than it was, but I discovered I’m highly adaptable to change and everything went very smoothly.

What is your favourite part about your current travel nursing contract?

I love getting to tell my stories! It’s such a good feeling to share my experiences with others, it’s a pretty unique career. Also, the ICU department manager is phenomenal and I’ve enjoyed working with them. It’s pretty amazing how much I’ve learned on my contract as well — I got to study International Trauma Life Support, which has added so much value to my career.

If there is any advice you could give yourself before your first travel nursing contract, what would it be?

Don’t pack too much, travel light. Be open and willing to embrace what you’re offered. Take every opportunity you can to learn.

Where would you like your next travel nursing experience to take you?

British Columbia is definitely on my radar! My Career Consultant is helping me with licensing and then I should be good to go.

Are you an LPN or retired nurse looking for a change? Contact us now to learn more about becoming a Travel Nurse in Canada or for details on current Travel Nursing opportunities. Where will your first travel nurse contract be?

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