September is a pseudo-new-year for many of us; growing up it was a month of new beginnings as you headed back to school with a new pair of shoes and a clean slate to learn and grow.

Even if you’re not headed back to school this September, it’s still a great time to challenge yourself to try something new and to tackle your goals.  As the seasons change you can buckle down and refocus so that by the time the actual new year rolls around you’ve accomplished something you’ve always wanted to.

Where do you want to go in the Fall?  What do you want to do?

Wondering why is goal-setting in September so effective?  Here’s our top three reasons:

1. Momentum

September carries a natural momentum as the lazy days of summer come to an end.  Channel that energy into whatever your heart desires, and it could have a big impact on your life.


2. No Pressure

When you set goals in September they won’t be lost in the new-year resolution craze.  Going to the gym may be a common resolution in January, but September is often associated with larger life changes, so it may be a good time for you to take a bigger leap.

3. Standing Out

Let’s face it – January goal-setters often get lost in the crowd as there’s so many of them!  If you need assistance from others to achieve your goals you are more likely to receive the help you need if the person you’re seeking assistance from isn’t spread thin catering to the goals of numerous people.

BONUS: you may achieve your goals by January, which will not only be a huge accomplishment for 2016, but will position you to tackle even bigger goals in 2017.


Select Medical Connections currently has countless job opportunities for Canadian nurses to try out new roles while travelling, with higher-than-average wages, and housing and travel paid for.

Temporary positions are a fantastic way to test the waters in a new place or position before committing to anything long-term.  You don’t need to sell your house or give up your apartment to work as a travel nurse!  You will, however, get to explore the country while making competitive wages working in your preferred specialty.

If you are seeking a position in Alberta specifically, right now there is also a unique opportunity to be hired within the union environment, including base salary, nightshift differentials, weekends, charge pay, and 2% LSPA rate.

If September is the right time for you to try something new, contact Select Medical Connections today to see which exciting opportunities you can take advantage of.