The research, entitled “Understanding Licensed Practical Nurses Scope of Practice” suggests role clarification will go a long way to improve collaboration and streamline processes within the nursing family enhancing patient care. The unique study has far reaching implications for the health care system in Alberta and across Canada.

For LPNs, RNs and other health care professionals, it is a worthwhile read. The study concluded that “while there remains considerable confusion among health care workers about the roles of the licensed practical nurse, LPNs are seen by supervisors and team members (registered nurses and health care aides) as providing quality patient care and to be positive members of the health care team (though underutilized in many settings). Critical for positive change is the development of effective strategies for educating professionals on the role and scope of the LPN, as well as support for significant change at virtually all levels of the system. Clear definition of roles and responsibilities for the LPN within the health care system is required.”

Everyday, Select’s travel nurses become members of health care teams, albeit for a short time. It is imperative for them to know the expectations of the team, of their role, and of the facility. Select works with each client health care facility to ensure this happens; we work with each LPN and RN to ensure this happens too!