Many nurses come to Select Medical Connections in search of an adventure, some are looking for higher wages, and others are just looking for a change.

Whatever reason sparked your interest enough for you to click on this blog post is the reason: curiosity.

No matter what age you are, or what place you’re at in your career, travel nursing can offer you unique life experiences that you can’t get working a regular full-time job.

1. Life Experience

Your life experience is the collection of individuals experiences that you encounter throughout your life.  When travel nursing, you’ll often find yourself in new places, doing new things with new people, which expands your life experience.  There’s no monotony here!  Travel nursing is an exciting way to shake up your life and create new memories while broadening your horizons.


2. Paid Travel

Travel is probably somewhere on your bucket list, but it can also be a costly pursuit that’s difficult to fit in with a full-time job.  Not only will Select Medical Connections foot the bill for you to live in new and exciting locations when you go on assignment, but you’ll  continue generating income the whole time.  See the country on our dime – that’s what we call a win-win!


3. Flexibility

Life isn’t always centred around work, and maybe you have your own plans that don’t fit well with the commitment of a full-time job.  Travel nursing assignments vary in length and there’s a wide variety of start and end dates available to our nurses, which makes it easy for you to coordinate a few weeks off work for holidays, personal commitments, or to pursue your own travel plans!


4. Learn About Your Country

You probably already know this, but Canada is incredible!  Select Medical Connections provides you with the opportunity to see all four corners of our beautiful country where you can learn first-hand what each province, city or town has to offer.

Ready to embark on your own adventure?  Contact our team today to learn more about travel nursing!