Here are some tips on how to prepare a well-designed resume. It should:

  • Not exceed two pages
  • Be specific when describing your duties
  • Be proofread for spelling and grammatical errors


A resume should include the following sections and information:


Name, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Message Number


In 3 to 5 sentences or bullet points, tell the employer your tops skills and/or accomplishments. Give a brief description of each, beginning each bullet item with a past tense action verb (e.g. organized, performed, assessed). List skills that relate specifically to the job you accomplished, types of patients treated, procedures performed, equipment used, assessments, etc.

In other words, provide 3 to 5 of your strongest selling features. Include personality attributes and other information that is relevant to the employer, especially those that relate to your career as a nurse or therapist.


List related work experience by job title, company name and location (city and province/state) in reverse chronological order (list dates as years only). Be sure to indicate things like the size of the hospital/clinic and the number of beds in the unit in which you worked or the number of patients you treated daily.

Only include work experience related to your nursing or therapy career.

Recent graduates, be sure to include the type of clinical placements performed, hours/weeks spent in each placement and any particular accomplishments within each placement.

Section 3: EDUCATION

List most recent post-secondary education first
Show training related to the position (if important to the employer, place in the Highlights section)
List professional development/continuing education courses, seminars and training you have received related to your profession, including date of completion
List professional association memberships
List licenses held
List community involvement and any volunteer work and/or organizations to which you belong to show outside interest

Place your list of references on a separate sheet. Include the reference’s name, place of employment, address and phone number where he/she can be reached. Contact each reference beforehand to verify that his/her name can be used.