If you want to stay at the top of the Travel Nursing industry, take matters into your own hands!

Free time is important to de-stress from work and enjoy other aspects of your life, but it may be easier than you think to fit a bit of career enrichment into your daily schedule.

See our top suggestions for increasing your nursing knowledge so that you can continuously improve yourself as a professional Travel Nurse.


1. Complete a Quick Course

There are several web-based courses that nurses can take to supplement their knowledge and improve their practice. Select Medical Connections strongly recommends that all Travel Nurses educate themselves on how to effectively de-escalate violence and aggression so that they can be more prepared to deal with any incident that they are faced with.

We have joined the province-wide British Columbia initiative to make Healthcare workplaces safe for all nurses, and the resources that have been developed are available to all nurses nation-wide.

Take the 8-module course online so that you are more capable of dealing with any aggression you may face while travel nursing, regardless of where your career takes you.

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2. Stick Your Nose in a Book

Books are a fantastic source of knowledge, especially if you’re travel nursing and need to adapt to a new environment. For continued professional development, try to read books that can help you grow as a Travel Nurse on a regular basis.

Finding great reads is easy, and you can have your top choices shipped to you by most vendors. We recommend Amazon’s top nursing books as a starting point for finding fun & interesting literature. When on the road, Kindle E-books are fantastically compact and easy to carry with you anywhere.

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3. Pop In a Podcast

If you don’t have the time or desire to read books about nursing, you can still enrich your knowledge base by choosing to listen to podcasts or audiobooks. They are particularly easy to fit in during a car ride, whether it’s between travel nursing assignments or just something you listen to on your daily commute.

Be creative & find something that interests you! Maybe you want to stay up-to-date on industry news, career development, or advice specific to your specialty. Whatever your interest, there are many podcasts available online, and they are only a Google away! Check out the Top 25 Nursing Podcasts to find a good starting point or download an app that is specifically designed for podcasts.

Don’t limit yourself to podcasts that are focused on nursing either. If you are a Travel Nurse, you may choose to listen to podcasts that offer travel tips or reviews of destinations across Canada.

Looking to broaden your horizons with a Travel Nursing assignment? Contact us today to see what positions we currently have available!