‘Tis the season… for license renewals!  Make sure you don’t miss your provincial deadline to renew your nursing license.

Practicing vs. Non-Practicing: Be wary if you choose to renew as non-practicing.  If you renew as non-practicing then decide to change to practicing later in the year, you may have to pay an admin fee twice or need to resubmit all documentation.  We strongly suggest practicing if you are thinking of taking on nursing contracts within the next year.

Renewal Deadlines:

  • Alberta: October 1st (missed the deadline? Check out CARNA’s website for further info)
  • British Columbia: February 28th (29th in a leap year) – Visit the CRNBC for more info.
  • Manitoba: December 1st – Visit the CRNM website for more info.
  • New Brunswick: November 30th – Visit the NANB website for more info.
  • Newfoundland: March 31st – Visit the ARNNL website for more info.
  • The Northwest Territories & Nunavut: October 31st – Visit the RNANTNU website for more info.
  • Nova Scotia: October 31st – Visit the CRNNS website for more info.
  • Ontario: December 31st – Visit the CNO website for more information.
  • Prince Edward Island: October 17th (missed the deadline? Check out the ARNPEI website for further info)
  • Quebec: December 31st – Visit the OIIAQ website for more info.
  • Saskatchewan: November 30th – Visit the SRNA website for more info.
  • The Yukon: March 31st – Visit the YRNA website for more info.

Interested in trying out a temporary nursing position in another province?  Contact a placement specialist at Select Medical Connections to learn your options.