Nursing Life

1 Year of a Pandemic: Lessons from Nurses

It's hard to believe we've been in a global pandemic for a whole year. Throughout this time, we've collectively strived to be adaptable, learning and evolving together to navigate these challenges.

Feb 15, 2021

It is almost unbelievable that we’ve been living in a global pandemic for a year now. Over the course of the past year, we’ve all done our best to be agile enough to learn and adapt to get through this together. Nurses have had to face numerous challenges head-on, which taught us many lessons.

Perhaps more than ever before, the impact of collective action has become evident. Working together has helped us limit the spread and devastation of Covid-19 while also helping us find creative ways to stay connected, entertained, and sometimes even content with the new normal. From wearing masks in public to joining live-streamed fitness classes, group video calls with friends and family that you maybe weren’t staying in touch with as much before, or finding a new hobby due to the need for a temporary break from certain activities – we’ve found ways to get by and to enjoy life when we can.

Of course, the value of frontline workers is more appreciated now than ever before. Healthcare professionals were always heroes, but facing a global pandemic has highlighted the sacrifices and contributions that those working in medicine, such as nurses, make each and every day. The distinction of ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ activities has shown the contrast of need versus want, of necessity versus luxury, and it has brought a renewed sense of gratitude to many communities.

Taking a closer look at how well we care for ourselves has been another powerful effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. While cleanliness and hygiene are at the forefront of ‘the new normal,’ we have also seen the impact of burnout and loneliness. While some have been able to learn to better care for themselves, others have struggled with the important social aspects that the pandemic has temporarily taken from us.

Seeing loved ones is a gift, work-life balance is a necessity, and together, we are incredibly powerful.

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