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The Best Parts About Remote Travel Nursing

When considering Canadian travel nursing contracts, do you picture cities or small communities? While both offer unique experiences, feedback from our nurses highlights the unexpected but greatly valued challenges of remote contracts. Here are some highlights.

Apr 5, 2022

When you think of Canadian travel nursing contracts, do you think of cities or small communities? While both types of locations can provide an incredible experience, we often get feedback from our travel nurses that their remote contracts challenged them in ways they never expected – but really appreciated. Below are a few of the best parts of remote travel nursing contracts in Canada.

1. Breadth of Responsibility

Most remote locations have a single, small facility that provides medical care to the community. Due to the small size of the facility, nurses often fulfill many roles rather than having a specialization. You may be triaging patients and providing emergency medical care, treating geriatric patients or providing prenatal care. You never know what type of case will walk through the door, but chances are, you’ll be involved in the care of the patient.

2. Skill Development

Since remote travel nursing contracts offer such breadth in work, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills that you may not have gained experience in if you stayed working in a specialized role. Even if you do want to focus on a particular specialization throughout your career, having experience in other areas will help make you a well-rounded nurse.

3. Personal Impact

Remote areas don’t always have their own local medical professionals, and often, the vital support of travel nurses is what helps these facilities deliver adequate medical care to the community. Because medical resources are so limited in these locations, your work will have an incredible impact on the lives of your patients.

4. Incredible Locations

It’s no secret that Canada is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and taking a remote nursing contract will put you right in the middle of nature. Experience jaw-dropping scenery, enjoy a season of hiking and camping, and discover a new aspect of Canadian culture. Remote travel nursing contracts are truly the intersection of your career and your bucket list!

5. Community

Small communities are often tight-knit, and that welcoming energy can make it easier to adjust to a new location compared to a big city where everyone has their own personal network. If you want to build bonds outside of work while travel nursing, a remote contract is an excellent choice for you!

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