We highly value and appreciate the reviews from our dedicated travel nurses.

What our nurses have to say.

What our nurses have to say.

What our nurses have to say.

Our nurses valuable feedback helps us continuously improve the experiences of our nursing professionals. We are sincerely grateful for their time and effort in sharing their thoughts, which aids us in understanding their needs and preferences.


RN in Saskatchewan

I had the opportunity to work as a travel nurse in Regina, SK. It was a great way to get a taste of the life on the prairies. I really enjoyed the feel of working in a smaller hospital setting and met some great people along the way. My experience with Select Medical was excellent!


RN in Newfoundland

Currently on my first contract in Saint Anthony Nfld. My recruiter, Callie, is very responsive, offered me my next contract closer to home and has me all booked in well in advance! Very appreciative to have had this experience and looking forward to my next!!!



I’ve been with Select Medical for about a year and a half now and my recruiter, Andrew has been kind, prompt and supportive throughout all of my contracts. It’s an incredible opportunity and I’ve met some lifelong friends along the way.


RN in BC

Select Medical Connections has been an amazing experience. Starting off, I landed myself Chantal as a recruiter, who has made the world of difference—always providing me with the best options for my availability. She is always quick to respond and very encouraging through the process, and always checking in. Which is so great when you are starting in new places—you know you always have someone there for you.

Kim L

LPN in Nova Scotia

2nd contract in Nova Scotia, will definitely going back again. Travel nursing gives me opportunities to be more proactive! I get to learn new skills and techniques while I get to explore the beauty of unfamiliar places I haven’t been to.


RN in BC

Love taking long walks on my days off! I love meeting new people and exploring new places during my free time! Who doesn’t love getting paid to travel l?!


LPN in Nova Scotia

Travel nursing has allowed me to explore Canada to it’s fullest!!


RN in Nova Scotia

Met up with a travel nursing friend from the West Coast to explore the East Coast while on contract at different hospitals in the region!


RN in Manitoba

Select Medical Connections has been an amazing experience. The staff are extremely accommodating and the people I’ve met are unforgettable. I had the opportunity to earn lots of money while exploring new places, which is unheard of in most professions. If you want to upgrade your nursing career, then you definitely need to try travel nursing with Select Medical Connections.



My recruiter is Chantal—she is awesome. She returns my calls in no time. She is very friendly and considers my interest when putting me on contract. I have been to 2 amazing contracts. What people pay for to go on vacation, I get paid to see and enjoy the beauty of BC.


RN in BC

My experience with Select Med Connections was one of the best experiences of my 22 years of nursing! My recruiter was so enthusiastic and really paid attention to my prerequisites before accepting my position, so I would get the most out of it!! I cannot wait to do it again!! Hats off to Select and to Chantal!


RN in Canada

Select Medical Connections is the best company that I have worked for. It is wonderful to feel valued as an employee and to have my qualifications and hard work appreciated in today's healthcare system! The contracts that I have been offered have been EXACTLY what I have been looking for. My recruiter, Michel, is always available if I have any questions.



Having the opportunity to meet new people, make a difference in every little area you go and make a positive impact on someone else's life is truly remarkably. I have no regrets of taking on travel nursing. It makes for an exciting and adventurous life and eliminates boredom and the possibility of mundanity. I wouldn't trade it for anything else. Thanks Michel. You're awesome.

Mary Lou

RN in Nova Scotia

My recruiter has always been there at every turn. At the beginning of a contract opportunity, I am always matched up correctly and accurately for the hospital contract. When I arrive on contract, there are no surprises, because Amanda has carefully briefed me on the expectations that are required of me. She makes regular inquiries as to how the contract is going. I look forward to working with Amanda again and will stay with Select because of her.


RN in BC

Even though the majority of my experience is in ER nursing, I was thrilled to take a placement in North Vancouver. SMC does a great job of evaluating your skill set, so you know you'll be placed in a unit where you can succeed. The process was relatively easy to get my license approved to work in BC, and Amanda helped me through every step of the way. Everything was ready to go in about a month in total!


RN in BC

Select Medical Connections has given me the opportunity to explore Canada while continuing to practice in my area of specialty. Working in communities across Canada has allowed me the opportunity to meet fantastic locals just bursting to show off their beautiful piece of the country and others like me who wish to see it all.


RN in BC

Living in remote communities is never easy—yet my survival skills are being polished. I get the chance to help the impoverished. I feel so accomplished! Travel Nursing took me to places I've never seen. I tried snowmobiling, dog sledding with full adrenaline! I pack my friendly and flexible personality—the essentials of Travel Nursing Anatomy!



It is just so amazing to wake up each morning with the view of the ocean, the eagles and the refreshing scent of the salt water air. Kayaking while watching the sun go down is certainly a plus. Not to mention the incredible friendships I have made since I began travel nursing.


RN in Saskatchewan

Michel was easy to talk to, reassuring, patient and could always be reached. My first contract was in Saskatchewan which turned out amazing because they have wonderful staff members that made me feel worthwhile during my contract period.



Travel nursing is the best job ever! I cannot imagine working for any other company. Select Medical Connections and the recruiter is always available if difficulties arise at all. I look forward to my next contract and adventure!



First ever contract, in ER overflow. I absolutely love working for select, pay cheques have so far been on time, without missing any hours or pay. Also helped me stay a little longer, as I did not want to leave, so I was able to extend!


RN in BC

Travel nursing has truly changed my life. The freedom I now have being able to pick my own schedule and travel the world at the same time is amazing. The best decision I've ever made in my life!


RN in BC

My recruiter Callie always responds in a professional and timely manner, and always answers my questions. All my accommodations have been great. I have done 3 contacts and am working towards a 4th right now,


LPN in Nova Scotia

I finally have my passion for nursing back. I was burnt out at my staff job, limited to my scope. But where I was placed, I'm using more skills, and learning so much. The nurses have all been so kind and welcoming. I'm really liking Nova Scotia!

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