Where can you visit a paddlewheel graveyard, see the world’s ‘smallest desert,’ explore a forest made completely out of sign posts, stay up all night with the midnight sun, and enjoy a cocktail garnished with human toe?! Only in the Yukon!

Renowned for the Klondike Gold Rush, the Yukon is rich in both history and natural beauty, with plenty of exciting experiences for Travel Nurses who decide to venture north.

Every year, Select Medical Connections receives numerous work opportunities in the Yukon for RNs across a wide variety of specialties, and the feedback we receive from nurses who accept placements is consistently phenomenal.

For those interested in making this spring or summer unforgettable, we’re sharing a few of the Yukon’s top highlights so that you can see why it’s the ideal location for your own next adventure!

Places To Go

The Yukon is incredibly versatile, offering both vibrant urban centres and remote retreats to its visitors. The Northern & Arctic region boasts unspoiled wilderness alongside communities that maintain deep connections with the land and is the perfect place to experience Indigenous culture.

For incredible photo ops, the Campbell region is home to both an iconic mining site and breathtaking geography, providing plenty of opportunities to relax in nature while practicing your shutter skills. If you prefer spending your days off being active outdoors, the Silver Trail is definitely worth a visit; dotted with lively villages, it’s an ideal location for paddling, biking or hiking, with a little R&R afterward.

Sticking to the south? The Southern Lakes and Watson Lake are perfect for those who love the peacefulness of the water. Swing by Kluane as well to check out a rich array of wildlife and stunning glaciers.

For those who want more of a city vibe, Whitehorse, the Yukon’s capital, offers urban comforts with a big backyard to boot! And don’t miss Dawson City—the Klondike region is where you can learn about the Yukon’s famous Gold Rush, take leisurely strolls along the boardwalks, and watch a beautiful sunset over the city.

If you’d like to expand your horizons, the Yukon is also a fantastic northern travel hub that allows you to spend your days off exploring Alaska (try a day cruise, perhaps?), camping in beautiful BC, or striding across the Salt Plains of the Northwest Territories.

Simply put, the north is filled with a whole lot of awesomeness—that you likely never knew about! If you’re looking for a summer that is full of moments that take your breath away, the Yukon is definitely the place to be.

Things To Do

When you live in the Yukon, nature is your playground. Gorgeous lakes surrounded by mountains provide the perfect backdrop for fishing, canoeing or kayaking, and there are plenty of other opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities as well, including golf, cycling, hiking, hunting, horseback riding and rafting.

If you’re curious about the party scene, the Yukon offers a colourful calendar of festivals and events each and every summer, which are a great way for Travel Nurses to bond with their new co-workers outside of the hospital. And of course, no trip to the Yukon is complete without an authentic Gold Rush experience!

When you need to zen out and disconnect, the Yukon can offer a whole lot more than Netflix—indulge in spa treatments or connect with nature to renew your energy. Retreat to a stunning campground on your days off where you can stay up late, witnessing the majestic hues of the midnight sun.

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